Leading the way under the African sun

Some of our frequent questions...

Q1: Do I need malaria tablets for the area?

A1: Hoedspruit falls under the low risk area and therefore you don't need to take any medication although it is recommended for visits to Kruger Park.

Q2: How many people can you accommodate?

A2:Our aim is to keep it personal and therefore we can only accommodate two families at a time.

Q3: Are you willing to sell some of your photos?

A3: Yes, I will send you the original hi-resolution photo at US $2.50 per publication. 

Q4: How much editing did you do to the gallery photos?

A4: Would love to spend more time, but they have been cropped to size, and on some, the white balance have been adjusted slightly

Q5: Is it possible to fly directly to Hoedspruit

A6: Not yet, but there are plans to upgrade our airport to international status. Transfer flights or transport can be arranged from OT Johannesburg to Hoedspruit.

Q7: How safe is it ?

A7: We are surrounded by nature and need to show respect accordingly. Stick to the basic house rules, and you will be fine. We do have a medical emergency response unit (Africa Safe-T) providing medical assistance within the reserve if needed.

Q8: What food can we expect?

A8: Most of our food are cooked ouside next to a fire and the menu will be confirmed upon making your booking

Q9: Do you only do photographic tours and do I need to be a photographer to participate?

A9: No, anyone who loves the outdoors and who would love to spend some time under the African Sun and as close to the real thing as possible, is more than welcome. Photos just help keeping the memories clear and to share the moment with family and friends.

Q10: What do we need to pack?

A10: The short answer would be nothing. We have shops were you could purchase a toothbrush, comb and some nice khaki clothing. We recommend a good hat to protect you from the sun and don't forget to pack your medication should you suffer from any chronic condition.

Q11: Which part of Kruger park do you visit and how far is it from base camp?

A11: We normally enter at Orpen gate which is 60kms from us. We travel all the way to Satara and surroundings before heading back through Orpen gate. Longer trips, includes a night at Balule camp.